top musical scenes in movies

  • 10. Better Off Dead: Van Halen, “Everybody Wants Some
  • 9. Adventures in Babysitting: B.B. King and Elisabeth Shue, “Babysitting Blues”
  • 8. The Cable Guy: Jefferson Airplane and Jim Carrey, “Somebody To Love”
  • 7. Footloose: Kenny Loggins, “Footloose”
  • 6. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure: Chuck Rio, “Tequila!”
  • 5. The Breakfast Club: Karla DeVito, “We Are Not Alone”
  • 4. Beetlejuice: Harry Belafonte, “Day-O!”
  • 3. Pulp Fiction: Chuck Berry, “You Never Can Tell (C’est La Vie)
  • 2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: The Beatles, “Twist ‘N Shout”
  • 1. Wayne’s World: Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

silent film

This is considered to be an important film because Porter shows the everyday lives of cowboys. He shows how adventurous and how aggressive their lives are by all of the fighting scenes in the movie. He also is sending a message that not all cowboys are the same. In this silent movie he shows that there are good and bad cowboys. Through his films he is able to tell stories like this one.

In each scene he shows how some cowboys are good and others are bad. In the beginning he has a scene where a cowboy is just hanging out at a bar and in the next scene he has cowboys firing guns. Porter also shows cowboys putting on a show for people and he then shows a cowboy trying to shoot a couple. By using all of these different scenes he makes the movie more interesting. Also to make you realize that the scene shows the schemes of the bad cowboys, Porter changes the music. He changes it to a faster pace music which you know that the cowboys are up to no good.

In conclusion this film is an important film because Porter is showing that not all people are the same and because some people in a group are bad, it doesn’t mean that the whole group is bad. Also because he is telling a story through his film. The change of the music also helps to make this an important film.

a. Alice in Wonderland

Jaberpoem (The Birthdaywocky)

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b. Sonnet Project

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c. SSR

New Moon

killing Mr. Griffin

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